Reacher Season 3: Everything We Know So Far

According to Alan Ritchson, who plays the title character in the Prime Video series, season 3 will show “Reacher in a new world.”By Bria McNealPUBLISHED: JAN 19, 2024 1:05 PM ESTbookmarksSAVE ARTICLE

preview for Reacher: Season 2 - Official Trailer (Prime Video)

Fear not, Reacher fans, the season 2 finale, out now, is nowhere near the end of the excitement. The popular Amazon Prime Series has already been renewed for season 3, and production seems to be fully underway. Much like the shift between seasons 1 and 2, the future installment in the life of action hero Jack Reacher will likely send the former military operative on a completely new mission.

Alan Ritchson, who plays the title character, told that the next season will have “a lot of classic Reacher stories.” In case you were wondering exactly what that means, those are, he adds, “just adventures that he gets sucked into in a big way.” OK, that wasn’t remotely more clear. Let’s try again. “We get to enjoy Reacher in a new world,” Ritchson continued. “It may not have anything to do with family, with his past, he’s just living that adventure out and that’s kind of the direction that we’ve gone and it seems to really be working.” It’ll do.

If you’re just catching up, Reacher is an action-packed series (based on Lee Child’s novels) that follows a former military operative who fights crime. In the first season, Reacher was arrested for a murder he didn’t commit. When he’s released from prison, he sets out to find the people who framed him—and uncovers a dark web of local politicians, police, and businessmen. In season 2, Reacher tries to take a step away from investigative work, but is sucked back in when one of his U.S. Army colleagues is murdered.

Since the premiere in 2022, Reacher has amassed a rabid fanbase. Variety reports that season 1 was the first Prime Video series to top the Nielsen charts. According to Deadline, the first three episodes of the second season surpassed the entire first season audience by over 50%. Yowza.

Want to know what’s next for the action hero? Keep reading for the scoop on season 3.

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Reacher, doing what Reacher does.

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When Will Season 3 of Reacher Debut?

Ahead of the season 2 premiere, Ritchson revealed the show’s season 3 renewal in a behind-the-scenes video. “December’s the season of hot cocoa and smiles and now Reacher,” he said. “That’s right, season 2 of Reacher premieres December 15th on Prime Video. You know what else December is the season of? Surprises. And boy do I have a surprise for you. You’re on the set of season 3 of Reacher right now.” Check out the video below.

If season 3 went into production last month, the next batch of episodes will likely hit Prime Video sometime in 2025.

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Which Lee Child Book Will Reacher Adapt Next?

The plot for season 3 is under wraps, but it will likely continue to adapt Child’s books. Unfortunately, Reacher isn’t going in order—season 1 is modeled after the first book, and season 2 follows the tenth—but there’s plenty of material for Reacher‘s writers to pull from.

Who Will Appear in Season Three of Reacher?

The only cast member we know will return—barring the surprise of all surprises—is Ritchson. Aside from that, anything can happen.

Season 2 featured a new cast, focusing largely on figures from Reacher’s past. Neagly, Reacher’s love interest in season 2, doesn’t seem to be returning. Our hero bid her farewell in the season 2 finale, before hopping on another Trailways bus to who knows where. Depending on where the story leads, season 3 will likely introduce a fresh group of people. Buckle up, folks.

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